You will find an extensive selection of available insurance policies at information sources. We strive to provide clear information as possible about these insurance policies. In the menu on the left you will find the insurance policies, when you click on it you will see the information about that insurance policy.

Some insurances are mandatory, others are simply very useful, but insurances give you certainty on fewer risks if something goes wrong. Then the money is already arranged and you save a lot of trouble. What is important is that you know before you take out insurance what exactly this entails and what the conditions of the insurance are.

Car insurance
Car insurance when you have a car it is legally required to have car insurance, the minimum requirement is that you have a Civil Liability (WA) insurance. WA Insurance is included in every form of car insurance. As soon as the license plate is written in your name, you are obliged to ensure the car. There are three types of car insurance, WA car insurance, the limited Hull and the Hull insurance (All-Risk insurance). Car insurance

Health insurance
Health insurance is mandatory in many countries for the last few years. Additional insurance is not mandatory and can be added to the basic insurance. The basic package is determined every year by the government, below is an overview of what applies this year & on this website or health insurance comparison you will find a nice overview of the possible parties. Health insurance

Property insurance
Property insuranceHousehold
insurance A household insurance is an insurance policy for damage that can be incurred on all things that can be counted as a private household (the household effects ). The coverage of the household contents insurance can usually be divided into two groups Extra comprehensive and All Risk. The coverage of household insurance depends on where the household contents are located.

Legal assistance insurance
Everyone can be confronted with unexpected situations and conflicts, so it is nice to know that you can fall back on legal assistance with one phone call. Legal assistance insurance is an insurance policy for support of lawyers and lawyers.